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Macho Cooking with The Great English Adventurer

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Part cookbook, part travelogue, Macho Cooking with The Great English Adventurer is a non-fiction book by Will Haynes, combining two of his favourite pastimes: Food and Travel.


The rules of Macho Cooking:

  • 1. The best meat possible must be sourced.
  • 3. Peeling and washing of vegetables should be outsourced to somebody else whenever possible.
  • 4. It is acceptable to start consumption of alcohol the moment that the first onion has been chopped, disregarding time of day.
  • 5. An equal ratio of wine should go into the gravy AND the cook.
  • 6. Bisto is NEVER acceptable under any circumstances.
  • 7. If either gravy or roast potatoes are cooked incorrectly the entire meal must be abandoned.
  • 8. The first 15 minutes of all table talk must be spent enthusiastically complimenting the cook on the roast potatoes and the gravy before actual conversation may commence.
  • 9. It is acceptable for desserts to be purchased (or made by your mother) but cheese must be served with port. Irish coffee can count as a dessert too.
  • 10. Washing up must be done by those who have not done the cooking.

CONTINUE TO THE BOOK (statement will not actually be honoured…)

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