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My Week with Kim Jong Un


Overview: Following a violent incident in Bangkok, a disreputable, drunken, aspiring writer experiences the hospitality of an old school chum – the world’s most notorious dictator, the Supreme Leader of the Greatest Fucking Superpower in the Known Fucking Universe, Kim Jong Un…

My Week with Kim Jong Un was shortlisted for the 2015 To Hull & Back Humorous Short Story Competition and was published in the 2015 To Hull & Back anthology. For further information, or to be a charitable sort of sport and do your bit for humanity by purchasing the full anthology, click here.


The Parish State


Overview: In a botched attempt to publish an article on wind farms for his village gazette, a retired farmer inadvertently polarises national debate on Sharia. Unwittingly caught in the frenzy, he reluctantly becomes ‘demagogue-du-jour’ for a hungry, sensationalist media.

The Parish State won First place in the Gem Street: Beyond the Axis 2015 Short Story Competition and was awarded the Leonard A. Koval Memorial Prize and published in Gem Street: Beyond the Axis. Additionally, the story was also nominated for one of America’s most prestigious Literary Awards: The Pushcart Prize. (I don’t think it actually won though… if it did and I don’t know about it I shall have to sack my secretary). To purchase Gem Street: Beyond the Axis, please click here.


Lame Duck: You’re Fired


Overview: A failed musician, stuck working as a telesales “executive”, determines to end his own life… but only once he has written the perfect poetic suicide note. However, he’s also struggling with an unfortunately timed case of writer’s block (curiously linked to television’s The Apprentice).

Lame Duck: You’re Fired won a Highly Commended (Runner Up) place in the 2014 To Hull & Back Humorous Short Story Competition and was published in the 2014 edition of the anthology. For further information or to purchase the full anthology click here.


The People’s Republic

PR Cover_edited-1

Overview: The Queen exercises her constitutional right to dissolve Parliament and takes direct control of the United Kingdom (now The Royal State of Windsor). A new Cold War with the United States (now Disneynewland) threatens global stability but Her Majesty also has some pressing troubles closer to home. Her right-hand-man, The Commander, is dispatched on a mission to diffuse the crisis by any means necessary… but he’s a little distracted with his own conundrum.

The People’s Republic was my first published short story. It was awarded both the Excellence In Contemporary Narrative Award and the Diamond Award as part of the Labello Press 2014 International Short Story Competition and was published in Gem Street: Collector’s Edition. It also got nominated for The Pushcart Prize and didn’t win. To find out more or purchase the anthology please click here.





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Dec 15

My Week With Kim Jong Un

'My Week with Kim Jong Un' shortlisted for this year's 'To Hull & Back' competition
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Nov 14

Gem Street – Beyond The Axis Is now Available!

Gem Street: Beyond the Axis now available
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Nov 14

Parish State Nominated For Pushcart Prize!

The Parish State has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize
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Nov 14

The Parish State Wins First Prize In Gem Street

The Parish State wins First Prize in Gem Street: Beyond The Axis
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