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“Shoot The Runner” Book synopsis:

‘Shoot the Runner’ takes a sharp look at the film industry. Set in London in the years between 2002-2009, it’s a fast-paced black comedy with sparkling satire: drug-fuelled hedonism, blackmail, bribery and coercion – it takes us on a ride into the darker side of celebrity. Told mainly through the eyes of the novel’s protagonist, Barnaby Cricket – film producer, bounder and cad – it charts his rise from idle graduate to feature film dogsbody, his ascent to powerful film producer and his inevitable downfall, though the true core of the story is Barnaby’s relationship with his privileged but dysfunctional family, his struggle with depression, and what honestly drives his motives. As Barnaby strives to climb the greasy ladder, his past is gradually revealed in Cognitive Therapy sessions with his therapist. As Barnaby comes apart dealing with problematic film stars, ruthless colleagues, ambitious enemies, and questionable Russian businessmen the further he climbs, who will emerge the victor? Just how reliable is Barnaby? Does he actually want to get better?


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Dec 15

My Week With Kim Jong Un

'My Week with Kim Jong Un' shortlisted for this year's 'To Hull & Back' competition
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Nov 14

Gem Street – Beyond The Axis Is now Available!

Gem Street: Beyond the Axis now available
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Nov 14

Parish State Nominated For Pushcart Prize!

The Parish State has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize
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Nov 14

The Parish State Wins First Prize In Gem Street

The Parish State wins First Prize in Gem Street: Beyond The Axis
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