Life & Other Problems

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Told from the conflicting perspectives of an ensemble of tortured characters, Life & Other Problems is a short novella that spins a vast narrative web across the globe. It connects characters whose lives are inadvertently interwoven. Tales of wanderlust, creative frustration and old-fashioned love triangles bleed subtly into postmodern morality fables of workaholism, alcoholism, drug-addiction and, less conventionally, executions.

A hedonistic travel guide for voyagers navigating mid-life crises, each chapter serves as both self-contained story and piece in a jigsaw of the complete narrative arch. Dark and comical but compassionate, tragic and sharp, the stories within take us on an emotional ride that spans continents and lives, destruction and redemption, occasionally in little more than a heartbeat, in sharp economical prose that evokes laughter, tears, outrage and delight.


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