Inconvenienced Dictators

(Sex, Drugs, Religion, Politics and Reality TV)

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A collection of humorous short stories: darkly weird and wonderful. A retired farmer bites off more than he can chew when he writes a satirical article on Sharia for his village gazette. The Prince of Wales has a conundrum with regard to intellectual property rights in an encounter with one of the twentieth century’s most influential writers. A degenerate writer experiences the hospitality of the world’s most notorious dictator, Kim Jong-Un, and Walt Disney’s reanimated head turns America into a totalitarian state called DisneynewlandTMamongst many more…

Many of these stories have been published in separate independent anthologies to some critical acclaim, but are now combined in one author’s collection, along with new unpublished (and perhaps even better!) stories.

Read free* sample story: Brave New Show by following this link (or any of the four other stories currently uploaded on to my Available Titles page)

*Please also note that this story is Free Of Charge (I will be getting plenty out of it in terms of shameless self-promotion if people share this page, and so I don’t want any cash for it)… HOWEVER, if you like it after you’ve read it (or any of my other stories that are uploaded onto this website) and would like to make a financial contribution you might feel it was worth (or whatever you feel like giving) then please give something to any charity of your choosing. If you can’t think of any close to your heart then I have enclosed below some suggestions for excellent organisations that are well worth your support:

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) InternationalDonate Here

Medical Action MyanmarDonate Here for Main Site via bank transfers or Here for UK Site via Paypal

British Red CrossDonate Here


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